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The Problem with Belief

Posted on: November 23, 2009

People are, by nature, foolish.  They cling to superstition and a sense of belonging which causes them to group up their ideas and ideals and proceed forward from there.  Usually, people never take endeavors completely alone.

The same can be said of the belief systems of people.  Most people have too much pride to admit that they may be wrong;  therefore, they say that they have an “unfaltering belief.”  To these believing types, they are infallible in their thought process, stuck with their belief, and it is their reality.  This, of course, is an incorrect way of thinking.  Any self serving person should be able to realize that they are insignificant and small in the universe, and are probably wrong about most things.  Even the smartest people are proven wrong time and time again.

There are other people who claim to be “open minded.”  This “open mindedness” usually plays out like this:

  • The person claims to be open minded to others beliefs.
  • The person will discuss other people’s beliefs with them.
  • The person will cling to their “current belief” with the same blind faith everyone else has until they are shown something better by someone else or just realize that they are wrong, or feel differently.

So really, there are only still only two types of people:  Blind believers, who feel the need to express belief regardless of reason, and people who can admit that humanity just doesn’t know.

Belief stems from superstition and a lack of grip on the here and now, the real.  In a word, belief is irrational because it cannot be rationalized.  In the end, belief falls short of logic, falling into the same category as what we call insanity.

The difference is that people pass belief off as being acceptable, just because everyone seems to have one.


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